30 Broomlands Drive, Maple

Thursday May 9th, 2019


SOLD   Come and celebrate Mother’s Day with this event: 'Every Woman is a Mother to Someone'. Come to the Avani Event Centre in Vaughan on May 12th for all the fun and memories. See their website for details.  If you would like to live in the picturesque Maple community, 30 Broomlands Drive is a great fit for any family.   You’ll feel right at home in this beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 storey with brick exterior, single attached... [read more]

Cleaning 101 Before Listing

Friday Apr 5th, 2019


Before you put your home up for sale, you'll want to ensure it's clean for all of the buyers that will come through. A dirty house isn't appealing, and you won't get a good offer, if you get one at all, if your home isn't in tip-top shape. Cleaning your home doesn't have to be overwhelming, below we've listed the top things to remember to clean for each room. 🖤FOYER + Clean the door and hardware. + Wipe off all fingerprints on windows/furniture.  +... [read more]

Add A Spring Touch To Your Home

Saturday Mar 30th, 2019


Even if the weather isn’t cooperating quite yet - Spring is on the way! Cheering up your home with some spring decor is the perfect way to prepare for warmer days and more sunshine. Here are some options to prepare your home for the next season! 🖤ADD AN HERB GARDEN While they may not last outdoors with the sporadic weather of spring, bringing potted herbs into your home and letting them soak up sunlight in a kitchen window is the perfect way to add life to your... [read more]

Using Baking Soda In Your Laundry Room

Monday Mar 18th, 2019


That box of baking soda tucked away in your fridge or kitchen cabinet can also be an inexpensive, and earth-friendly, solution for your laundry needs. It’s safe to use in both standard and high-efficiency washers and is one of the best products available to reduce your dependence on chemicals. Let’s take a look into the top 5 ways baking soda can be used in your laundry room: ✔️Reduce and Remove Laundry Odor The body odors found on our clothing and linens are caused by... [read more]

10 Chores around the home that you really only need to do annually...

Thursday Mar 14th, 2019


Sing me some graces🎵🎤...there is such a thing as over-cleaning! Here are 10 chores around the home that you really only need to do annually, minus special circumstances of course. Let's dive in! 1. Curtains & Drapes Unfortunately, we don't mean the dusting part. You'll want to dust at least once a month, but when it actually comes time to getting them cleaned, you only really need to do that once a year. You can take them in to get dry... [read more]

Let's Talk!

Sunday Mar 3rd, 2019


I thought I would re-introduce myself since I have noticed some new people on my page. I am a business woman! I run my real estate business solo. You heard that right - solo! I’m a wife and a mother. So amongst taking care of the household and my family I run my business as well. With a background in litigation/insurance law and a love for helping others, I have found a career in real estate that I am extremely passionate about. Bringing honesty, value and knowledge... [read more]



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