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Sunday Mar 03rd, 2019


I thought I would re-introduce myself since I have noticed some new people on my page.

I am a business woman! I run my real estate business solo. You heard that right - solo! I’m a wife and a mother. So amongst taking care of the household and my family I run my business as well.

With a background in litigation/insurance law and a love for helping others, I have found a career in real estate that I am extremely passionate about. Bringing honesty, value and knowledge to each of my clients.

I kissed the corporate world goodbye years ago and while the fear of the unknown was scary at times, it was the best decision I could’ve ever made! I can’t ever imagine being anything but self-employed. Having the freedom and being in charge of your own present and future life is an incredible feeling!

Everything you find here on my page is mine and it’s real!  Hope you enjoy the ride!
Oh ya, and if you're looking to buy and sell - don't feel shy...contact me anytime!
Paola xox🖤